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"Having a cat in medical school?" over photo of grey cat on cat tree

Having a Cat in Medical School ?

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… Of course, pets come in all different shapes, sizes, and specialties. If you find that you are sufficiently pleased to visit your friend’s animals, I assure you there will be many. My med school friends have dogs, cats, tigers, and I even have a friend with a snake! …

"Patient perspective: living with cerebral palsy feat. renee uitto"

Patient Perspective: Living with Cerebral Palsy

In today’s Patient Perspective, Renee Uitto writes about her life and how it has been affected by Cerebral Palsy. We are so grateful to share Renee’s story and her thoughts on the health care system. We hope you all will enjoy learning from Renee as much as we did.

"Best MS1 Credit Cards"

Best Credit Card for First Year Medical School

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For students in their first semester with no current credit card, or possibly a low-limit and seldom used card from their primary bank, it is time to consider establishing your credit profile…

"Top tech tools for first-year medical students 2020"

Top Tech Tools for First-Year Medical Students – 2020

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During the summer of the Covid pandemic, incoming medical students have more time than ever to plan for the upcoming academic year. While the past advice of, “enjoy your last summer!” doesn’t offer the same options this year, we wanted to suggest some Top Tech Tools that will…