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Summer’s End Podcast List – 2020

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"summer's end podcast list 2020"

In the Summer of ‘Rona, many of us found ourselves with drastically different plans than we originally anticipated. With more time on our own, we each had a chance to enjoy some of the podcasts that we didn’t have time for during the school year. Below are eight podcast series we wanted to share. In light of the historic demonstrations calling, in part, to address the systemic racism experienced in all facets of life, the first four will address race in America. The second four offer an eclectic grouping of topics. We hope you find them as interesting as we do.

three people sitting on bench in front of wall of many photos of people of many races

Race in America

At theBombJopCOM, we want to express our support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and recognize the impact that race continues to play in modern day America.

Code Switch (NPR)

Honest conversations about how race coats every aspect of life and the conversations it inspires. A fantastic opportunity to reflect on the tapestry of modern events as they become our modern history.

Serial: Season Three

What does the US court system look like on an average day, month, and year? This season on the Serial Podcast hear the stories of what everyday cases in the Cleveland court system look like and what connections we can make to our judicial system as a whole.

Rob Has A Podcast: Black Voices of Survivor

Right now my favorite Survivor podcast is running a series inviting former black castaways to talk about their experiences with micro-aggressions and sometimes outright racism with other castaways while playing Survivor.

More Perfect (RadioLab)

Take a deeper look into the design of our “More Perfect Union” through the lens of our legal history. It may not be surprising to learn about the significant influence race held on our developing country, but the specific details are fascinating.

child yelling into microphone

Eclectic Grouping

These are podcast odds-and-ends that provide our brains a respite from digital flashcards and the worries of online curriculum to come.

Guru (Wondery)

Guru is a 6 episode story about a crazy life coach/self help monster that endangered people’s lives on a retreat. For fame and control, he was responsible for the death of three people in a sweat lodge incident in Arizona.
Ya know — normal stuff.

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a true crime comedy podcast. Each week Karen and Georgia, two very funny women, cover different murders with a sprinkle of comedy and current events.

Two Friends: Big Bootie Mixes

So my podcast is a long mashup of various genres of music with some remixes and transitions. They are each about an hour long and there are many different ones to pick from that are good for workouts, car rides, etc.

This Podcast Will Kill You

Co-stars Dr. Erin & Dr. Erin, both trained PhDs in epidemiology and disease ecology, explore the world of horrifying illnesses from past to present. With a weekly cocktail in hand, learn about the humanistic impacts that you don’t hear about in your micro course. It’s a blast!

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